Why Is My Canon Printer Offline? How Do I Fix It?

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      Like any other machinery device, even a Canon printer has bugs and issues while interacting with a special system. One among these issues is Printer Gets Offline during print job. This usually happens even when the printer is correctly connected to the OS . So, sometimes you’ll unable to know Why Is My Canon Printer Offline? How am i able to fix it and start with print job? In such case, don’t wag-off! few steps we noted underneath which you ought to follow one-by-one:
      • Reconnect your printer to Wi-Fi properly
      • Then, restart the print spooler service on your Windows
      • Make the status “Use Printer Offline” disable with Settings app
      • Update your Canon Printer driver
      After performing of these above, your offline printer can convert into Online. And further you won’t face any issue when print.

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