Illinois Supreme Court Justice Thomas Retires – replaced by Justice Burke

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      Justice Burke has ALWAYS been my favorite justice in illinois. He wrote the Dina opinion, Lopez, and many others. I always thought when it came to foreclosure land he had the biggest balls in the state and wasnt afraid to make a big decision. Im going to miss him on the 2nd district because I really thought he put the banks feet to the fire.

      But now Justice Neville and Justice Burke are going to be on the Illinois Supreme Court. Those two have been the best for us in the state in my opinion.

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      I firmly convinced, that you are not right. Time will show.

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      I had to turn off my torrent program to connect like, 2 days ago. Which may have not actually been torrenting disrupting my connecting, moreso just coincidence. I was connecting to and in EVE just fine.

      It was weird. I thought the login server was down.

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      To anyone thinking of donating to the forum because of promises of special access to certain forum features I recommend you dont. I donated over a month ago, sent several pms to the mods and to this day have no special access to anything. If you donate just understand there is no special anything other supporting what was already created and what you could already access.

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