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      The onboarding process of Dropbox to Sharepoint migration involves following a task flow for moving files and documents to the new solution.

      The first step is to inform all stakeholders well ahead of time about the intention to migrate from Dropbox to SharePoint. Make sure that users do not make file changes when the migration to SharePoint is in progress.
      If there are is a large quantity of data to be migrated, plan on creating batches of data that can be moved over time.
      Prioritize files based on their business impact so that the more critical ones can be migrated with the least downtime.
      Ensure that the physical infrastructure being used for the migration has sufficient resources to download, stage, and upload content.
      If SharePoint content has to be shared with external stakeholders, it is important to plan for appropriate site collections on which external sharing is enabled.
      Ensure that versioning metadata is available after files and documents have been migrated from Dropbox to SharePoint.
      Use the Dropbox inventory report to optimize the file/folder size and numbers and estimate SharePoint the space requirements for site collections.
      Remove the Dropbox files that are not needed anymore.
      Minimize the length of nested folders such that their lengths are within SharePoint’s permissible limits.
      What Methods Are Used for Dropbox to SharePoint Migration?
      The choice of method to be used for migrating Dropbox contents to SharePoint depends on the number of users, the quantity of content, the time, and the budget available. While some methods are inexpensive, they are less comprehensive and perform only migrations without syncing, others are more complex and often involve the use of tools.

      Here are some of the most common methods for Dropbox to SharePoint migration.

      For smaller data volumes with simple folder structures, the manual migration, and the OneDrive sync app should be able to handle the migration. This involves importing data to a physical device whose drives can be mapped with SharePoint for importing content.
      If you can import Dropbox contents into a centralized network server/ drive use the Microsoft Migration Manager to import files into SharePoint.
      Use the Dropbox Business Admin console for exporting contents and then import using Mover/ third-party tools.

      I hope this information will be helpful!
      Mark Wilson

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